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The VRU are commissioning Powell and Barnes media group to run a social media awareness campaign. It will be delivered using a cluster working strategy with existing groups, organisations, and agencies using a range of hyper-local campaigns.


The ongoing social media strategy and the messaging for the campaigns will be co-produced with young people aged 15-25 years.

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Numerous reports, including those by Catch 22, support the need for a robust social media response to violent crime, as social media use and youth violence on the ground are intimately linked.

In terms of platforms, content for younger people will appear on Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, which they are more likely to use, and likewise content for parents will be on Twitter and Facebook. Campaigns will consist of powerful direct messaging, rich media (images and video), music and spoken word, and influencers. The campaigns will be carefully monitored to ensure they have reach and stay relevant, and they will signpost to services that can help young people avoid involvement in violent crime.


  • Our social media reaches and influences the key cohorts of young people and parents in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

  • Increase the likelihood of families, neighbours, and communities interrupting violence and reporting.

  • Our information will reach concerned young people and families and effectively signpost them to local services that can help them avoid the effects of violent crime.