Interventions for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Juno Women's Aid will deliver a six month pilot of one to one and group work response to young people who have been exposed to domestic violence (DV) knife crime through their Young Voices and Stronger Families Programme

Choices Project

Three 'Choices' projects are anticipated to be delivered within schools and alternative provisions for a select group of young men in Nottinghamshire identified as vulnerable to gang involvement, knife crime and associated abuse.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

The VRU aims to build on success of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Programme that the VRU Scotland rolled out across 100 schools.

Prisoner Interventions

This programme aims to address the issues of knife and violent crime in young people by working with a cohort of young men aged 18-25 both within custody, at HMP Nottingham and in the community

Social Media Campaign

The VRU have commissioned a media group to run a social media awareness campaign.  The ongoing strategy and messaging will be co-produced with young people aged 15-25 years.

The Through the Gate Project

The Through the Gate project provides ‘through the gate’ and intensive mentoring for young adult offenders in a community setting. It is run by Inspire and Achieve Foundation and offers intensive monitoring for 15 young people in the key period immediately before and after their release.

The Evolution Project

The Evolution project extends the Base 51 therapeutic counselling offer to young people affected by serious violence, including next day access to drop in counselling, response to trauma, and ongoing therapies including art therapy.

The GRIT Project

The GRIT project provides those who are vulnerable to criminal and sexual exploitation, violence and abuse, with coping skills and the emotional resilience to make different life choices

Choices Creative Project

Choices is a creative project run by Equation which works with young men identified as vulnerable to gang involvement and associated abuse, which enables them to recognise their choice and responsibilities over their own behaviour.

The GROWTH Project

A crime reduction initiative within BAMER Communities that is delivered by Al Hurrayah. The project provides workshops, counselling, one-to-one and group mentoring for young people most at risk of involvement in serious crime.

The R Programme

The R program is a secondary intervention that provides support to address issues around exploitation for young people in the Broxtowe and Bell Lane estates.

Knife Crime and Youth Mentoring Programme

Down Knives, Up Gloves (DK) aims to reduce knife and youth violence in Nottingham through sports, fitness and mentoring for 16-25 year olds with a focus on BAME young people.

Community Roots Project

This project provides support for whole families where young people are most at risk of involvement in serious violence through on location engagement in key hotspots in Nottingham and youth sporting events

Switch Up 'Connect' Mentoring Project

Connect is a mentoring project that works with vulnerable young people in the community, providing them with an alternative world view, linking them to support and engaging them in more positive activities.

SFSCs Parenting Programme

Through SFSC, Mother’s Voices deliver a number of Safer Families Safer Communities Parenting Programmes within local communities. Interventions include advocacy, mentoring and awareness building sessions, amongst others.

Positive Moves Project

Run by CBF Gymnasiums, this project provides an intervention to support highly vulnerable 18-25 year olds engage into wider community services and activities. Interventions include sport based activities, engagement and mentoring, and careers advice.

Changing Pathways

Communities Unite works with adults and young people to support them in realising their full potential. They have a vision to do this by diverting them away from crime, raising aspirations, building self-esteem and empowering the people attending the project to strive for excellence.

The Custody Prevention Project

The project is run by Inspire and Achieve (IAF). It aims to reduce reoffending through the provision of a suitably trained, specialist worker in each of the two custody suites who will coach and mentor from the initial engagement in the police station, back into the community and then right through to supporting access to suitable ETE provision.

Violence Intervention Programme at the QMC

Redthread’s Youth Violence Intervention Programme currently runs in the Queens Medical Centre’s emergency department in partnership with the major trauma network, with plans in place to extend to the County in 2020/21.