The Beyond Recovery programme aims to address the issues of knife and violent crime in young people by working with a cohort of young men aged 18-25 both within custody, at HMP Nottingham, and in the community. This is a psychological intervention that works through coaching and workshops.

The team aim to build on the persons own resources to run their lives while attending to challenges. These sessions can have a profound effect on participants, as expressed by one inmate who attended:


‘’I was really shocked because I understood the actual meaning behind IT…I actually understood that I have a choice to make. For example, if someone annoys me, I have a choice…The last session taught me forgiveness. I was in the room with the same guy who killed my friend…Whilst in the sessions I understood him as a person, I understood him for what he was as a person and I saw his remorse…We shake hands. I never thought I would be in the same room with him and not hurt him.’’


Further opportunities are being explored to ensure the cohort are linked into the non-stat IOM cohort to ensure support and management beyond the life of the intervention. Further information on the evidence of impact can be found via the following link https://beyond-recovery.co.uk/our_work/evidence-of-impact/




  • A reduction in violent and aggressive acts amongst a cohort of offenders in HMP Nottingham

  • An increase in levels of consciousness which includes feelings of compassion and empathy

  • A break in the cycle of violence both in HMP Nottingham and the community.

Case Studies: