This project is run by CBF Gymnasiums and provides an intervention to support highly vulnerable 18-25 year olds engage into wider community services and activities.


Interventions include sport based activities, engagement and mentoring, and careers advice.

This project funds an engagement post to work with young people who use the Mellish Sports Centre and keep them away from criminal activities.


The engagement worker is able to build up a relationship of trust over a period of time. This includes some goal setting and identifying other needs and/or interests. They also encourage and accompany young people to other services and activities in the community in order to build a portfolio of constructive, positive activities to support positive decisions and lifestyles. The main key objectives are:

  • To engage with 150 young people

  • To support 30 young people into other community activities and services

  • Success would mean making a positive intervention in the lives of highly vulnerable 18-25 year olds


To learn more about CBF Gymnasiums and the Mellish Centre visit: https://mellishsports.org/index.php/about/.