The GRIT project provides those who are vulnerable to criminal and sexual exploitation, violence and abuse, with coping skills and the emotional resilience to make different life choices

The project is run by Transform Training LTD and works with Nottingham City Communities to identify young people who are involved in criminal and sexual exploitation, violence and abuse in their community or home.

GRIT uses emotional education and training to get to the root cause of what makes crime and violence become an option for young people, focusing on feelings of hate, anger, frustration, and disappointment, and addressing communication and relationship difficulties. They also explore causes of negative feelings and behaviour, be they learned  from life experiences, peer pressure, substance misuse, addictions, or undiagnosed and poorly managed mental health issues.

The project also uses activities, role-play and creative media to train young people to understand their own trigger points and develop key techniques and life skills to manage their feelings and develop their emotional resilience, self-confidence and determination to achieve their life aspirations through education, training or job opportunities. Transform Training provide extra personal support through trained volunteer life-coaches and help in accessing other services that are beneficial for enabling young people to change how they think about themselves and their lives.

To learn more about Transform Training, visit their website at: http://www.transformtraining.org.uk/


Covid-19 Update:
Transform are able to begin 2020/21 delivery and have staff in place. They have started establishing contact with young people on video call using WhatsApp, Messenger or ZOOM, and GRIT can still do home visits and make contact with young people who are in crisis.