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The Evolution project extends the Base 51 therapeutic counselling offer to young people affected by serious violence, including next day access to drop in counselling, response to trauma, and ongoing therapies including art therapy.

Objectives for the project include:

  • Provide a next day access to drop in counselling/support

  • Engage with young people affected by trauma

  • Ongoing therapy including Trauma Focused CBT (up to 20 weeks)

  • Reducing barriers to accessing counselling

The target age range for this project is 11 to 25 year olds, and therapeutic work is conducted on an individual basis. If it is found to be safe and beneficial, Base 51 are also open to conducting age-appropriate group work, subject to risk assessment.

Within the target age group the project is open to both males and females with a mix of ethnicities representative of the communities of Nottingham. The young people Base 51 work with have been victims, perpetrators, or otherwise affected by serious violence.


Covid-19 Update:

Base already have youth engagement workers in place and are ready to go ahead with 1:1 counselling via phone and virtually.  Since this in a therapeutic service, not a crisis service, Covid-19 risk has largely been mitigated by plans to conduct sessions virtually.

Self help videos prepared by Base 51 to help young people awaiting therapy:

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