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Remedi have developed a series of interventions to address the issues presented by county lines and the exploitation of children and young people.  With a scaled, three tier approach Remedi have developed resources which;

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  • Tier One: Build awareness and understanding of county lines and criminal exploitation amongst young people generally. The aim of this work is to build greater resilience on the part of young people and to reduce the risk of subsequent involvement.

  • Tier Two: Work on a targeted basis with children and young people in the early stages of involvement with county lines and/or those young people identified as ‘at risk’ of involvement due to their peer group, previous incidents and/or the level of their vulnerability.

  • Tier Three: Work intensively with children and young people who have been significantly involved and victimised as a result of county lines activities.


Remedi recognise the recent shift to recognising the exploitation of children and young people and the recognition of the need to safeguard rather than criminalise these young people. Covid impact increases risk of exploitation, making children much more vulnerable, with young people out of school, families in poverty, this programme adapts with these changes and allow us to find a way to reach out to young people regardless of their circumstances, as perpetrators also seize opportunities to adapt the way that they exploit our young people.


With a focused approach delivering workshops to larger groups schools or delivering on a small groups/one to one basis, Remedi will work with the Youth Justice Service and the Tackling Emerging Threat to Children Team in the County to target delivery of their interventions.