Support workers in street

The Community Roots project provides support for whole families where young people are most at risk of involvement in serious violence through on location engagement in key hotspots in Nottingham and youth sporting events

The project is run by Breaking Barrier Building Bridges (BBBB). In extending support to the whole, BBBB will ensure young people are not working in isolation when trying to address their personal issues. They help families with such things as engaging with statutory services, discussing cultural and religious norms which are at odds with UK law, and accessing support to help their child to exit gang and/or drug related behaviours.

BBBB host three weekly football games to engage the local community. When not playing the young people are encourage to talk to a worker about additional one-to-one support they need, catering for a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, with an emphasis on young people from BAME backgrounds.


This project extends the support offered to cover the whole family, which has only previously been done only in exceptional situations due to limited resources. If appropriate, the parents will be asked if they would like a link worker. After completing an initial assessment, bespoke meetings are held to work with the family to deliver whatever support, advice and/or signposting they need.

With many marginalised young people and their families that will not consider engaging with more formal support networks, Community Roots offer a lifeline to prevent them slipping through the net by offering a “wrap-around” service of holistic support, help and guidance for multiple complex needs.

Covid-19 Update:

BBBB will be able to support families as planned remotely through use of phone, WhatsApp, video calls etc. until they are allowed to meet face to face.


They are meeting young people who are distressed and walking and talking at a safe distance, signposting to relevant services and authorities, and providing food and bespoke assistance will also be possible. BBBB are still visit hotspots in town every three days.