The first of a cohort of Community Ambassadors have been appointed as part of a pioneering new project to tackle violence across Nottinghamshire.

We have recruited 13 passionate and driven residents to become figureheads for safety in their local areas in a scheme that is the first of its kind in the county.  The new team, who all have proven success in tackling problem behaviour and supporting people at risk of crime to change, have been appointed to support the VRU’s work, build relationships with local people and ensure communities have the necessary resources and provision to encourage vulnerable people to thrive.

It is part of the VRU’s public health approach to crime which aims to empower communities to develop bespoke solutions to the issues impacting their local areas.

This page is currently being updated with the current team of Community Ambassadors - please see below:


My name is Rani and I am a final-year Criminology and Sociology student at the University of Nottingham and completing my dissertation in the role of urban churches in youth intervention. I am very keen to increase my knowledge on how different institutions in society work to help young people who are vulnerable to gangs and youth violence, which is what made me want to become a youth and community ambassador.


I am passionate about developing my skills concerning working with young people, as I would really like to pursue a career in youth intervention once I graduate, and my ambassador role is providing me with so many valuable training opportunities which I am enjoying so much!


My name is Marcellus and I the founder and CEO of Switch Up CIC and Nottingham School of Boxing. The two organisations utilise sport, mentoring, Education and counselling to transform the lives of young people and transition them into employment, training, and further education. 


I was born in a deprived area of Nottingham, UK, and groomed into criminality before dedicating my life to supporting communities affected by crime and violence. In 2016, I was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of The Year Award and a British Empire Medal.


I work with Nottingham’s deprived communities such as St Ann’s, Radford and the Meadows. The main target is vulnerable young people who are often from minority groups, although me and my team help anyone that will benefit from a positive role model so they can believe in achieving a career outside of crime. This can be anyone that walks into the boxing gym or referrals from social care, or the police. In 2020 and 2021, that extended to helping families facing crisis due to the coronavirus – helping anyone that needs it with food parcels, warm clothes or advice on what the government guidelines mean for different cultural groups.   


I want to help young people to avoid the journey I had, to learn of the dangers they face with the path they are on, and to provide them with access to opportunities I wished I’d had.  

This means giving young people access to role models with lived experiences of their journeys, who they can build trust with and communicate their fears and aspirations and who will link them to the required support and opportunities.


My name is Larelle David, I am a part time teaching Assistant as well as having my business Lflavours a food service providing Jamaican food and I am also hoping to become a nutritionist this year.


I have a level 3 in youth work and also have worked for Nottingham City Council volunteering since I was 9 years old - I love to see and change my city of Nottingham for the better.


As a community Ambassador I hope to be a role model for other young people and also help young people to get away from being caught up in the wrong things.


My name is Katie and I am currently a third year student and the University of Nottingham studying criminology and sociology.


I am excited to expand my knowledge on violence reduction invention and the various institutions involved in reducing violence which is what drew me to becoming a community ambassador.


I am looking forward to developing further skills to have a future career within policing. I am excited to know more as well as expand my skill set with the VRU and work towards a better future!


My name is Jen and I am the Development Lead at 3Pillars Project; a charity that uses sport-based mentoring to support and empower young men in the criminal justice system. I have over 10 years’ experience in the sport for development and third sector having worked on inclusivity programmes throughout the country.


For me, the ambassador role is an opportunity to focus on community approaches to tackling violent crime and the underlying causes of violent crime, something that is close to my heart. I believe it is time for me to focus my attention on Nottingham as my adopted home and I would like to be further ingrained into the community that is on my doorstep.


I hope to achieve a more cohesive approach to rehabilitation and resettlement in Nottingham to help reduce reoffending. However, most importantly, I hope to co-create meaningful personal and progression opportunities for individuals so they can find happiness and peace in life.