Three ‘Choices’ projects are anticipated to be delivered within schools and alternative provisions for a select group of young men in Nottinghamshire identified as vulnerable to gang involvement, knife crime and associated abuse.


It is based on the premise that education can change attitudes and reduce the social acceptability of violence.

Our partners, Equation, have 15 years’ experience of helping young people develop healthy relationships. People with low self-esteem have a higher likelihood of becoming perpetrators or victims of abuse, so building self-esteem in young men can be used to help them value themselves and others without using power and control.  In addition, poor experiences of relationships impact extremely negatively on self-esteem, creating a negative cycle that Equation help men to exit. The projects will involve group and one-to-one, creative activities that enable the young men to recognise their choice and responsibilities over their own behaviour, and a key focus will also be on preventing violence against women and girls.




The cohort of young men will have:


  • Increased knowledge on how they should behave in relationships

  • Increased confidence in how to make positive changes to their life by making positive choices.

  • Increased knowledge on what makes a healthy equal relationship.

  • Increased coping strategies on how to deal more effectively with feelings of anger.

  • Increased aspirations for the future.