Choices is a creative project run by Equation which works with young men identified as vulnerable to gang involvement and associated abuse, which enables them to recognise their choice and responsibilities over their own behaviour

The project has clear learning aims but is largely participant led, enabling participants to explore issues that affect them. Topics prepared include exploitation by criminal gangs such as county lines, trafficking, online abuse, and sexual exploitation, and the influences of extremism to radicalisation.

Choices also aims to build knowledge and skills within schools, produce further learning resources, and training of staff and raise awareness of Contextual Safeguarding concerning these young men. Those completing the project show improved attitudes and understanding in 5 key areas that reduce their likelihood of becoming abusive:

  • Increased understanding of how they behave in their relationships and how to sort out differences in a way that is fair.

  • Increased understanding of how to make positive changes to their life by making positive choices.

  • Better knowledge of how to form healthy, equal relationship.

  • More able to deal effectively with feelings of anger.

  • Increased aspirations. 


To find out more about Choices and other projects by Equation, visit: http://www.equation.org.uk/young-people/


Covid-19 Update:

Teachers are still working within a lot of the key schools so Equation will be able to utilise their down time to pencil project delivery dates in for later in the year. Delivery of the actual projects won’t be able to take place until the schools are back up and running – hopefully September onwards.


If necessary projects could be delivered in the period between Jan 2021 and March 2021 before the end of the financial year.